More Together.  

We are committed to building affordable, low-carbon apartments in walkable neighbourhoods, accessible to a diverse audience. We look past the bricks and mortar and focus on tenant happiness by promoting healthy-living, respectful and responsive communication, and creating communities that encourage long-term roots and lasting relationships.  

Our Impact.
We aim to be a force for good in the communities we collaborate with on our developments. Positive impact is our goal; real estate development is one of our tools to get there.         
Happy and Healthy Communities

Our tenant and neighbour's health and happiness is our first priority. By encouraging open and transparent dialogue we build trust and lasting relationships. All our projects are located close to public transit as we believe a walkable neighbourhood promotes healthy living and neighbourhood connectedness.

Affordable Housing

We aim to tackle the lack of affordable housing in Toronto. We have developed solutions which ensure that we are able to provide our properties at affordable below average rents.

Sustainable Development

We are committed to providing environmentally friendly homes to our tenants. All our upcoming projects will be completely geothermal and will voluntarily meet the Toronto Green Standards Tier 2.

More Together.
Our tenants and neighbours matter to us. We are changing and we recognize that everyone is equally important in this process.
Live Local

Understanding local communities and adopting a vernacular perspective.

Responsible Approach to Urbanism

Creating opportunities for the next generation to live and work in urban communities.

Open Door Policy

A commitment to dialogue, transparency, communication and connectedness.

Our Work
Neighbourhoods we're touching
Years working in our trade
Tenants that taught us how to manage
Projects we figured out how to complete
Current Projects

Years of experience testing a wide range of investment strategies have led us to our area of focus: Development of Infill multi-unit rental properties.

Completed Projects

Years of experience testing a wide range of investment strategies have led us to our area of focus: Development of Infill multi-unit rental properties.

167 Carlaw
167 Carlaw Ave.
Picture of 50 Pape
50 Pape Ave.
Picture of 910 Dundas
910-912 Dundas St. E
Picture of 322 Shaw
322 Shaw St.
Picture of 336 Campbell
336 Campbell Ave.
Picture of 63 Lakeview
63 Lakeview Ave.
Picture of 1169 Ossington
1169 Ossington Ave.
Picture of 17 Churchill
17 Churchill Ave.
Meet the team building a better Toronto
James Burton, BSC, ENG
Emery Daniels, CPA, CA
Meenakshi Chauhan, MBA
Development Manager
Wisdom Chidembo
PEPM Maintenance
Olivia Corman, CPA, CA
Internal Audit
Rachel Dickson
Social Media
Karen Dubin
Realty & Communications
Darlene Feng, 2023 MBA Candidate
Assistant Development Manager
Tanvi Gandhi
Interior Designer
Mohit Garg, MBA
Junior Accountant
Colleen Jacobs
Property Manager, Operations
Morteza Kaseb
PE Construction
Gary Koe
PE Construction
Bhanu Kumar, CFA Level 3, MBA
Development Manager
Santiago Landivar
PE Construction
Silvia Mauser, BSC, ENG, MBA
Development Manager
Fern Opatowski, JD, LLM
Director of Real-Estate
Jinal Patel
Interior Designer
Mahir Quddus, 2023 MBA CANDIDATE
Assistant Development Manager
Geoff Raybould, CPA, CGA
David Ribeiro
PE Construction
Amit Singh, BA, BTech
Project Manager
Colin Wang, MBA
Development Manager
Sean Wang, MBA
Development Manager
President of Office Disruptions
Vice-President of Office Disruptions
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